Kolkata: With the announcement of election dates, our entry took place in Bengal, on February 26. We reached Asansol from Jharkhand border via Delhi to Banaras and Bodh Gaya. We have dropped the meter of reporting of Bengal elections from here only. In a local bus going from Asansol to Durgapur, I rode with my cameraman and started talking to the people in it. Most people said that the atmosphere in Bengal is 50-50, anything can happen.

Mahajot rallied on 28 February

After this, he also traveled in bus from Hooghly to Howrah, most of the people were able to avoid speaking or play safe by saying 50-50. In the initial days, only a few people who spoke about change met. Some also said that Mamta didi will come again, because she has done a lot of work for the poor and women. Reached Kolkata on 28 February, the same day Mahajot i.e. Congress, CPM. And Furfura Sharif had a joint rally in Kolkata. After the crowd gathered in this, the discussion of the existence of the Third Front in the Bengal elections was intensified. However, as the election progressed, the existence of the Third Front continued to fade.

After this I went to Murshidabad, Malda, Dinajpur, Siliguri. People everywhere except Murshidabad said that there is a fight between the BJP and TMC, and the case is 50-50. People said that anything can happen in Bengal elections. On 7 March, Prime Minister Modi’s first rally was at the Brigade Ground Kolkata. This day does not go unilaterally for Bijpi, that’s why Mamata Banerjee tried her best to make the battle 50-50 by placing a road show program in Siliguri on the same day and at the same time. It happened exactly the same. On 7 March, on one hand, Prime Minister Modi targeted fiercely at Mamta Didi and her government, on the other hand, Mamta Didi also attacked the Prime Minister fiercely. Told them from Corona to Syndicate. Here, whoever we talked to, everyone was saying that the matter is 50-50. There is no less, this battle will be tremendous.

After this we reached Nandigram. There was a nomination program of Mamta Banerjee on 10 March. Here too who asked who would win. Everybody used to say that the fight is tough, not to speak Parbo. Talked to some local journalists, then whoever wins will win by a margin of 5 to 10 thousand. That is, here too the matter was 50 -50. But by the evening of election day, it seemed that Shuvendu Adhikari trapped Mamta Banerjee here and I wrote on Twitter that after reporting all day here, I can say that Mamata Banerjee got axed on her feet after contesting from Nandigram. . But some of our colleagues said that anything can happen here. I assumed that it is possible that the chances of both are 50-50.

BJP gains in first 2 phase voting?

By the way, in the first 2 phase polling, this picture was clear whether Purulia, Bankura, Jhargram or Western and East Midnapore. Bijpi has taken a good lead from TMC here. Out of 60 seats in both the phases, Bijpi and Amit Shah claimed victory over 50 seats. In a conversation with Zee News, Home Minister Amit Shah said that we are winning 200 more seats and BJP president JP Nadda told Zee News that there is a tsunami going on in favor of BJP in Bengal. Prime Minister Modi said that the TJP government was present at the swearing-in ceremony at the Tarakeswar rally. On this, Mamata Banerjee had also taunted that the Prime Minister is God or a great human being, which she has already come to know that the government will be hers.

The TMC and Mamata Banerjee’s team were confident that this atmosphere would be reversed by the third phase as the Kolkata Presidency had about 110 seats to be voted in the 3rd, 4th and 5th phase. TMC’s people breathed a little after the 3rd phase of voting. Out of the 31 assembly seats of the 3rd phase, TMC people claimed to have won more than 20 seats. However, Bijpi also claimed 50-50 in this phase. Based on a conversation with journalist friends reporting in different places, this picture came out that out of 16 seats of South 24 Parganas in the third phase, Trinamool can do a clean sweep, but Bijpi will do a clean sweep in Hooghly. Voting was held in 8 seats here. I was staying in Tarkeshwar assembly seat in Hooghly for the whole day, from here, Bijpi nominated Swapnadas Gupta, who is one of the contenders for the post of Chief Minister when the BJP government is formed in Bengal. A total of 7 seats were voted in Howrah. TMC saw an edge here, but Bijpi claimed to win 1 to 2 seats in Howrah as well. Overall, TMC’s lead was clearly visible in the 3rd phase.

After this we set out to cover the fourth Fay poll in Cooch Behar area of ​​North Bengal. On the way, a coconut water was found in Nadia district. Drinking coconut water, we asked what will happen in the elections this time. He kept quiet for a while, but then seeing the comment on my forehead, he asked that you are a Hindu. I said yes, what he said was a big sign of Bengal elections. He said ‘all Hindus with Modi and all Muslims with Didi’. Here, let me make it clear that I went to Kali Ghat temple while leaving Cooch Behar from Kolkata, where the priest had put a vaccine on my forehead, seeing that the coconut boy thought that I was a Hindu. That is why he felt free to say what he said. By the way, this boy also indicated the Hindu-Muslim polarization in the election of Bengal. It may also happen that Nadia, Malda and Murshidabad have more Muslim population. That is why Mamta didi’s uniting with Muslim voters to vote for TMC

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